ALL CLIENTS must bring, to each visit, a picture ID  for each adult (18+) and a current piece of mail for the head of household. They must also print out and bring the completed Family Information Sheet.

For each child you will need a birth certificate, social security card, insurance card OR something from the school district you reside (with the child’s name). Paper work from ODOJFS can be used to verify each member, if it is no more than 6 months old. 

This information will be required with each visit. If you are unable to verify each member, the unverified adult or child will be marked as inactive for that month.


Regardless of weather (rain, sleet, snow, hot, cold) only one client is permitted in the office at a time during the verification process. Allow for extra time and be prepared to wait outside or in your car in all weather conditions. This is for your privacy.

C.A.M.P apologizes for any inconvenience; however, this is necessary to allow all clients to receive the help they require. Many food pantries are currently using this process and we are attempting to be consistent with other pantries. 


For questions or concerns  — (937) 751-6235